Out of Orbit


What happens when your center of gravity implodes?



Out of Orbit explores worlds thrown from their natural course by a stronger force. It asks the question: What does it mean to be distanced from your center of gravity and left to rebuild a new sense of place?

The works within are both beautifully grounded and wonderfully elevated, some even bordering on the absurd. There’s a story of immigrant workers on a chicken farm, the birth of something foreign, a house slowly disintegrating around its occupants, and surrounding the stories, poetic lines that will challenge you and make you stop to consider.

Guest Editors

Jeff Parker
Author of Where the Bears Roam the Streets

Erica Dawson
Author of Big-Eyed Afraid and The Small Blades Hurt



Shastri Akella

Arthur Flowers

Rachel Hinkel

Shane Hinton

Stefan Kiesbye

CW Lott

Kevin McFadden

Robert Penick

Michael Schoch

Jared Silvia

Hasanthika Sirisena

Caroline Belle Stewart


Mike Ekunno

Lisa McMaster

Bill Vernon


Colleen Louise Barry

Tali Cohen

Heidi Czerwiec

Juliana Gray

Jonathan Greenhause

Alexis Groulx

Matthew Klitsch

Kristin LaFollette

Matthew Mobley

Cameron Morse

Mary Petralia

Jason Primm

Paige Sullivan

Sean Townsend

Art by

Jeremy Geddes
Cover & Interior Art

Sean Tucker
Design & Layout

From the Publisher

Bridge Eight has always existed to publish writing that says something true about our human experience. It operates on the conviction that literary works can push us to ask questions about our world, and provide a context–a grounding–or perhaps just a necessary escape.

With this issue, we explore the concept of being thrown “Out of Orbit,” which for us is a question of belonging that asks, “What happens when the rules shift and we’re thrown from everything we know?”

I couldn’t be more proud of the result. The work here represents a strong collaboration between guest editors and staff. It explores “Orbit” on multiple levels and from different vantage points, and does so with style, humor, and originality.

Finally, this issue is published at a time when so many things are displaced and threatened. It does not shy away from the undercurrents of thought and emotion that flow through and among us today. Our hope is that these pieces will tap into these undercurrents and allow us to wander into some challenging and exciting spaces.

Jared Rypkema

About the Artist

We’re honored to have the chance to feature several licensed pieces by Jeremy Geddes, an Australian-based artist who is most well known for his paintings of cosmonauts and people floating, story falling, colliding and drifting in empty landscapes. His work is intoxicating.




Bridge Eight Issue 5 Cover

How to Build a Fire

Bridge Eight 5 Interior Art 3

Bridge Eight 5 Interior Art 1

Issue 5 Interior Art 2


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