Issue 4 Exclusive #1

Introducing Issue 4:
“Breathing Life into Colorless Spaces”

A letter from Jared Rypkema, Founder & Publisher

It gives me tremendous pleasure to open the windows and share with you what we’ve been working on for the past 5 months here at Bridge Eight. This upcoming issue is different than the rest and today I get to tell you the story behind it.

What we set out to do

For Issue 4, we went deeper than we’ve allowed ourselves in past issues. We were ready to publish a cohesive collection of work that would speak to our community. To us, literature often serves to provide the language we as individuals and a society need to feel human in what can feel like an inhumane world. This is what we wanted to do.

Over the past several months, we as individuals and a society have both witnessed and experienced pain. And not just any pain, but the kind that stirs up so many questions. ISIS, Paris, Brussels, Flint, and the list goes on.

It’s not confined to global issues either, its in our neighborhoods and among our friends. Pain is certainly not unique to this time, or to us, but it feels like the intensity has been turned up a notch over the past few months. In all of these moments, the gravity of what we experience is many times overwhelming and the questions that arise are so often are debilitating.

We didn’t try to give answers

Instead, we set out to publish works that simply respond to it. Our editors provided an eloquent description at the very beginning of our process:

“This concept is to breathe life into colorless spaces – moments where the mundane turns to the surreal, the ugliness of existence is seen as suddenly beautiful, the unsurvivable circumstance a moment of transcendence. We are interested in writing with lyrical urgency with an aim of making the reader feel something. However, this isn’t “purple prose” or sentimentality, but instead urgency of intention, unapologetic in its desire to get close to the experience as a means of revealing its truth.” 

The pieces you’ll read in this upcoming issue (and the issue as a whole) attempts to show each of these things, and we feel it has succeeded.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll receive more emails from us that will include thoughts from our editors, the artwork and its story, and an official release date.  

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Thank you.


Bridge Eight Publisher

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