Issue 02

A collection of fresh poetry, short fiction and creative non fiction
from established and emerging writers in the Southeast and across the US.

7×10 inches • 112 pages • Matte Laminate Cover

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With Works by:

Kara Lindstrom

Fraylie Nord

Charles Rafferty

Eric Boyd

Emily Borgman

Travis Kiger

Fred Dale

Lara Prescott

Jerry Vanleperen

Martin Fulmer

John Davis, JR.

Robin McLean

Jennifer Bundy

William Trowbridge

Sohrab Homi Fracis

Leah Sewell

Mitchell Grabois

Sara Walters

Nan Kavanaugh

Joshua Huber

Jason Dean Arnold

Drew Bond

Jamie Wendt

Mary Carroll-Hackett

Charity Gingerich

CR Resetarits

Andres Rojas


Cover Art & Layout by:

Sean Tucker


Issue 02 Reviews

With the publication of its first issue, Bridge Eight delivered on its promise to help establish Jacksonville’s burgeoning literary culture. The second issue brings Jacksonville to a national market and the nation to Northeast Florida. You’ll read about a bridge in Baghdad in 1926, a boy destroying flower pots behind his father’s greenhouse, the two weeks mosquitos take to starve in Florida’s Osceola National Forest, and how a Oaxaca woman learned to tan human hide. And the entire issue does what Bridge Eight writer Sara Walters says she aims to do: to create “images that feel and sound rather than simply say.

Tim Gilmore, Author of many titles including In Search of Eartha White, Storehouse for the People.

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Bridge Eight Reviews


“Bridge Eight is vital, because Jacksonville needs its stories told so we might better know ourselves, so the future might know us as well.”

-Al Letson
Host/Executive Producer of NPR/PRX’s State of the Re:Union

“Bridge Eight is the new bright spot in Jacksonville’s up and coming literary scene.”

-Jeni O’Donnell
Chamblin’s Uptown, General Manager

“The publication of Bridge Eight’s stunning first issue is something this writer and the rest of the literary community have been waiting for a long time.”

-Liz Flaisig
Creative Writing Chair, Douglas Anderson a School of the Arts

“Bridge Eight is a feast for the eyes, ears, fingers and mind.”

-Jim Draper

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