Literature that transforms, writing that connects

Bridge Eight is a nonprofit literary organization that serves its community and the literary community at-large by publishing works that transform and connect. For us, that means finding accessible prose and poetry that speaks to life as we know it today. 


Jessica Hatch
Managing Editor

Caleb Sarvis
Fiction Editor

Wendy Hill 
Nonfiction Editor

Editorial Assistants
Ana Shaw
Kai Morita

Jared Rypkema

Jennifer Bundy
Poetry Editor

Sean Tucker

Anastasia Arbatskiy

Guest Editorial

William Trowbridge
& Rebecca Lee 
Issue 6 | Archetypes

Tiffany Melanson
& Agatha French
Issue 4 | Breathing Life

Teri Youmans Grimm
& Melanie Manuel
Issue 2 | Springtime

Jeff Parker
& Erica Dawson
Issue 5 | Out of Orbit

Laura McCullough
& Melanie Manuel
Issue 3 | Diversions

Jackie Hutchins
& David Gehler
Issue 1 | Beginnings

Cover Artists

Jared Wright
Issue 6

Kristina Boothe
Issue 4

Sean Tucker
Issue 2

Jeremy Geddes 
Issue 5

Christopher Rypkema 
Issue 3

Karen Kurycki 
Issue 1

Board of Directors

Emma Pulley
Programming Director

Chris Brantley
Finance Director

Logo Design

Chadwick Greene III

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