The stories that hold us together–and sometimes drive us apart.

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Issue 6

Archetypes is a crafted collection of short stories, poems and nonfiction pieces that explore the beliefs, hopes, and dreams that tie us all together—and sometimes drive us apart.

Inside is the story of bitter, homeless writer, typing lines for unsuspecting patrons; and one of an unlikely connection between a man and a queen bee. The poetry sweeps from lost legacy to iconic cartoon. There’s an essay by an author who asks, “how can we take back the image of a Swastika.”

It’s unlike anything we’ve published before, just like you’d expect.

Guest Editors

William Trowbridge
Former Poet Laureate of the State of Missouri

Rebecca Lee
Author of Bobcat and Other Stories



David Gilmore

Desirée Jung

Tim Keppel

Riley Manning

Olivia Martinson

Claire Oleson

Sharon Snow Pinson

Jeremy Townley

Terrance Wedin

Creative Nonfiction

Sylvia Beato

Laura Bernstein-Machlay

Gayle Brandeis


Allen Braden

William Doreski

Randall Freisinger

Ron Koertge

Dylan Loring

Jo McDougall

Jim Peterson

Lisa Randall

Richard Robbins

Robert Stewart

Jessica Stilling

Lauren Suchenski

Miles Waggener

Maryfrances Wagner

Charles Harper Webb

Art by

Jared Wright
Cover & Interior Art

Sean Tucker
Design & Layout

From the Editor (Excerpt)

“If art is successful, it often discomfits, and it most often discomfits when it shines an unflattering light onto our world. The works within this issue have taught me that even though archetypes are formative concepts, exploring them to the edges of the map can teach us some groundbreaking truths.

It’s what we do with those truths that matters.

Welcome, reader, to one of the most fascinating issues of Bridge Eight I’ve yet had the pleasure of editing.”

Jessica Hatch
Managing Editor





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